Automatic Tube Cleaning System

ATCS(Automatic Tube Cleaning System)

Automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS) can not only reduce the costs of equipment operation through saving of heat exchanger energy by solving the problem of tube fouling of shell & tube type heat exchanger such as condenser / absorber of refrigerator, etc. but also make substantial contributions towards prevention of global warming (greenhouse effects), which has become a highly sensitive global issue.

Overview of ATCS operation

Equipment ultimately aimed at the reduction of energy consumed in operation of equipment and extending the lifespan of tube by improving the heat transfer performances through maintenance of areas inside the tube in clean state at all times by thoroughly cleaning fouling materials such as scale and slime formed inside the tube by passing rubber sponge ball made with special materials with size slightly larger than the internal diameter of the tube inside the heat exchanger(condenser/absorber etc.) tube 8 to 10 times a day during the operation of equipment.


ATCS application areas

  • A. Air conditioning facility
  • B. Refrigeration facility
  • C. Electronic semiconductor
  • D. Industrial process cooling including petrochemical plant, etc.
  • E. Ships
  • F. Heat pump

Problems if not applied

  • – In case of a contamination(fouling) of heat transfer tube(heat exchanger)
    • Degradation in heat transfer performances at the time of fouling of heat exchanger tube
      Increase in energy consumption
    • Partial formation of concentration cell in the tube
      Occurrence of electrochemical corrosion thereby shortening tube lifespan
  • – Current status of resolution of heat exchanger fouling problem
    • Although we have been relying mostly on mechanical and chemical cleaning of tubes, such method
      • · Necessitates shut down of equipment for cleaning of tube
      • · Commencement of formation of fouling immediately following recommencement of operation after tube cleaning
        • → Degradation in the equipment performances with passage of time
        • → Need regularly scheduled tube cleaning work
      • · Concern for environmental pollution in the case of chemical tube cleaning

Installation effects

  • By maintaining clean state inside condenser tube at all times by installing ATCS,
    • – Reduce energy consumption during operation of refrigerator through enhancement of heat transfer performances
    • – Extend the lifespan of tube through prevention of electrochemical corrosion that occur mostly at the sections of fouling
    • – Reduce other tube cleaning costs, prevention of shut-down in operation and prevention of environmental fouling, etc.

ATCS installation on site

Condition of freezer tubes before installation

Condition of freezer tubes after installation