Reclaimed Refrigerant

In accordance with the amendment and enforcement of Clean Air Conservation Act, when recycling recovered refrigerant,
it must be processed by entrusting it to a waste gas processing business registration company or by entrusting it to
a waste recycling company, in accordance with the Resource Circulation Act of electrical and electronic equipment.

Sunjin Environment Reclaimed refrigerant service

Sunjin Environment boasts a reclamation rate of used refrigerants close to 100% through self-developed technology, and has a lower unit price and equivalent efficiency compared to new refrigerants.

Reclaimed Refrigerant Type

Production and sales of reclaimed refrigerant that conforms to the quality standards (KS I 3004) of reclaimed refrigerant

  • – R-12, R-22, R-134a (single, high pressure)
  • – R-123 and others (single, low pressure), R-410A and others (mixed, high pressure)

Reclaimed refrigerant quality