Refrigerant Recovery Machine and Purifier

In accordance with the amendment and enforcement of the Clean Air Conservation Act, owners of refrigerant-using equipment
must recover the refrigerant through the recovery device (equipment) specified in the Clean Air Conservation Act.

Sunjin Environment Refrigerant Recovery Machine

It is a product developed in-house by Sunjin Environment and boasts a fast recovery speed through strong suction power. It has a reclamation and recovery rate of used refrigerant close to 100%.

In addition, we are producing customized recovery devices from small to medium size that are designed for convenient movement.

Fixed refrigerant recovery device

Product model

RV – 150

RV – 200

Main functions

  • – Automatic control (one-touch automatic control of refrigerant recovery and storage function)
  • – Self-diagnosis (alarms displays when a drive unit operation problem occurs)
  • – Storage capacity and stability (recovery tank with a built-in evaporator applied to improve refrigerant liquid storage capacity and stability)
  • – Condensation prevention (possible automatic/manual injection of gas refrigerant to prevent condensation during refrigerant recovery or injection)
  • – Digital controller (applied digital pressure and temperature controller with high visibility and easy operation)

Product usage

  • – Used for overhaul such as repair/demolition of industrial/building chillers
  • – Used as an emergency response in case of emergency (accident) of industrial/building chillers
  • – Used as a refrigerant external storage container (tank) when the chiller is not in operation (maintenance break)
  • – Refrigerant Refining (Chiller Refrigerant Refining → 10% improvement in chiller performance)
Product details

Mobile refrigerant recovery device

Product model


RS – 20

Main functions

  • – Easily portable refrigerant recovery device
    (Can move between floors)
  • – Liquid refrigerant recovery based on Push Pull method (RS-20)
  • – Recovery of remaining liquid refrigerant and gas refrigerant just by pressing the buttons without changing the refrigerant recovery pipe connection

Product components

  • 1. Compressor
    • – 2HP/3HP (RS-20), 1.5HP (RC-050)
    • – BITZER/BOCK (RS-20), TM-150 (RC-050)
  • 2. Motor
  • 3. Oil Separator
  • 4. Condenser (air-cooled (standard)/ water-cooled (make to order) (RS-20)
    Condenser (air-cooled (standard) (RC-050)
  • 5. Accumulator
  • 6. Filter Dryer (RS-20), Filter (RC-050)
  • 7. Control panel
Product details

Refrigerant Purifier

Product model


Product components

  • 1. System compressor
    • – 1HP~5HP
    • – OPEN TYPE COMPRESSOR : order specification
  • 2. Cooling unit
  • 3. Refrigerant recovery tank
  • 4. Refrigerant storage tank
  • 5. Control method: PLC
  • 6. Refrigerant storage amount measurement: Load Cell with indicator (order specification)
  • 7. Control panel
Product specifications
Product details





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