Research & Development

Research and development project

  • – Our research and development is focused on environment/energy/recycling, with the goal of immediate commercialization (especially productization)
  • – In addition to the waste refrigerant treatment business, we have 2~3 commercialization-level technologies
  • – CEO and key personnel have more than 25 years of experience in the related fields
  • – Research and development is in progress in the environmental management department (Environmental Resource Circulation Research Institute), where 40% of our workforce consists of professional research personnel with masters and doctorate degrees, and engineers
  • – Direct commercialization of technologies ((21 domestic patent applications (7 registrations) , 4 foreign patent applications, 9 SCI papers, 1 new technology certification)) developed through government policy tasks (Research on the development of thermal treatment and detoxification of waste HFCs, 2013.11~2017.04)
  • – Research and development is in progress for ultrafine dust precursor removal technology, technology applied to hydrogen industry using separation membrane technology, and technology for carbon resource conversion

Research and development project progress