• 2021

    12. Leading Company Certification by Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City

    09. Acquired ISO9001/ISO14001 International Standard Certification

    05. “Global Top Environmental Technology Development Project Star Technology” selected by the Minister of Environment

    01. Commendation for a workplace with excellent environmental management evaluation by Commissioner of Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority

  • 2019

    01. Registered as the first domestic refrigerant recovery business

  • 2018

    03. External reduction business agreement with Korea Western Power Co., Ltd. For HFCs thermal destruction treatment

    12. Commendation from the Minister of Environment for refrigerant management contribution

  • 2017

    07. Waste treatment business permit

    07. “Success” in the final evaluation of the “Development of technology for thermal treatment and detoxification of waste HFCs”

    08. New Excellent Technology (NET) certification by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

    08. Waste gas treatment business permit

    10. The completion of waste refrigerant treatment plant (Gangseo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea)

  • 2016

    05. Technology innovative small and medium enterprise (INNO-BIZ) certification

    10. Acquired Sunjin Environment Co., Ltd.

    11. Waste refrigerant business partnership between EER&C Co., Ltd. and Sunjin Environment Co., Ltd.

  • 2015

    02. Carbon dioxide resource conversion pilot project agreement

    04. Designated as an IP star company
    (Ulsan Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

    12. Commendation from Ulsan mayor for 2015 Startup Star Enterprise(Excellent Startup Company)

  • 2014

    01. Selected as the organization responsible for the Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Technology Development Project Team by the Ministry of Environment

    02. Relocation of headquarters

  • 2013

    01. EER&C Co., Ltd. established

    03. Report on research and development service business
    (Ulsan Metropolitan City)

    04. Corporate research institute certification
    (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

    06. Environmental consulting business
    (Ulsan Metropolitan City)

    07. Venture company certification
    (Technology Guarantee Fund)